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Welcome to the Center for Supply Chain Entrepreneurship

The Center for Supply Chain Entrepreneurship connects local, national, and international businesses to collaborate with NMSU College of Business faculty and students. The objective is to drive, create, and enhance supply chain entrepreneurial activity in the areas of: 

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Business Analytics 

Current Projects

Evaluating New Materials and Processes for Radioactive Tank Waste Processing:
Workforce Development in f-Element Chemistry, Nuclear Chemical Engineering, and Supply Chain Management (NuChemE Pipeline)| DOE Grant

The purpose of this interdisciplinary and multi-university study is analyze the supply chain of rare earth materials and support the development of future engineers with Supply Chain management skills.

Spaceport Benchmarking Study 

The purpose of this study is to benchmark and rank spaceports across the United States using various analytical methods. An exciting study considering the heterogenicity of US spaceports and the nascency of this industry. 

Native American Agricultural Fund 2022

In collaboration with the American Indian Business Enterprise (AIBE) Center, the Center for Supply Chain Entrepreneurship will provide services in resilience-based supply chains to Native American farmers/ranchers. Our Support includes Supply Chain Analysis, Inventory forecasting, and Business Analytics. 


Our Ph.D. Students



Omar Farooq

Omar Farooq, MBA, is a new student in the Ph.D. program at New Mexico State University, focusing on Supply Chain and Operations Management. Over the past five years, Omar has held a variety of positions in the Canadian financial services industry, focusing on relationship development. His concentration during his MBA was in International Markets, where he worked closely with partners across North and Latin America to improve business efficiency. Omar's research primarily focuses on supply chain optimization and enterprise risk management.



Peace Aludogbu

As a second-year Ph.D. student in the Department of Management at New Mexico State University, I am passionately dedicated to merging the worlds of academia and practical experience to advance the understanding of supply chain activities within the manufacturing community. In my academic journey, I delve into the intricacies of Supply chain management with a keen eye for innovation and improvement. As an introvert, my strength lies in thoughtful analysis and a commitment to thorough research. I believe in the power of optimism to drive progress, and this perspective fuels my exploration of new ideas and methodologies. Beyond the academic realm, I find solace in the world of music and the joy of exploring diverse cuisines. Being a quick learner allows me to adapt swiftly to evolving challenges and stay at the forefront of my field; my mission is clear — to bridge the gap between theory and practice, leveraging my experiences to enhance the understanding of supply chain dynamics. Through my research and collaborative efforts, I aspire to drive positive change and innovation in the manufacturing community and the academic world.


Jeritory Chen

Jeritory Chen, MBA, is a Ph.D. student at New Mexico State University, focusing on Strategic Management. Prior to joining CSCE in NMSU, he had two years of experience in higher education. He dedicated himself to increasing his lecture quality and reducing the sense of distance between students and instructors. Jeritory's research interest includes strategic human capital, upper echelon, and decision-making science.


Former Phd Students


Saba Rudsari 

Saba obtained her PhD from New Mexico State University in the College of Business, Management Department. She had her environmental master's degree and MBA from NMSU and currently serves as a college assistant professor at the college of engineering. Before joining the Ph.D. program, her prior experience included working as the project manager and structural engineer in the Management office for Physical Resources in Iran's Ministry of Health. She also worked as an advisor and the counter manager of Clinique in the U.S., the 4D- printing project's entrepreneur lead (Aggie I-CORPS), and the program specialist (ERC Environmental Design Contest) in the College of Engineering at NMSU. Saba's research interests extended to supply chain instability, disruption, and resilience.


Jimoh Fatoki

Jim Fatoki obtained his PhD from New Mexico State University in the College of Business, Management Department.. He bagged his Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Agricultural and Environmental Engineering with first class and distinction (top 5% of the class) from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Before starting a Ph.D., he worked as a Research Assistant at the Lagos Business School operations management unit. His research focuses on supply chain management and business analytics. Jim was selected as one of the top scholars for the 2021 Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM) program; and received the prestigious College of Business David M. Boje and Grace Ann Rosile Storytelling Research Endowment Scholarship. In 2022, he won the university’s outstanding graduate assistant award.

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